Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to Mrs. Garay's Class

My name is Michelle Garay and I have been in the education field for close to 20 years. I have experience teaching elementary and middle school for the bulk of this time and was also a school administrator for the last six years of my career.

Teaching and shaping the minds of our youth is my calling and reading, language arts, and writing are my absolute passion. You will see this passion come alive in many of the assignments your child completes in class and takes home to share with you. 

I look forward to meeting all of my third grade students. Parents, I hope that you will volunteer in our classroom whenever you have time. It takes a village!

Mrs. Garay

Target Vocabulary 

passages - narrow paths or channels


spines – sharp, points growths


tropical – having to do with the warm areas of the Earth near the equator


store – to put away for later use


throughout – all the way through


absorb – take in or soak up


dissolve – to seem to disappear when mixed with liquid


clumps – groups or bunches of things, especially plants and dirt


coverings - the outsides of things, usually serving as protection


pollen - tiny yellow grains made by flowering plants



Words with /k/ and /kw/



Words with /k/ and /kw/

1.      shark

2.     check

3.     queen

4.     circus

5.     flake

6.     crack

7.     second

8.     squeeze

9.     quart

10.    squeak

11.    quick

12.    coldest

13.    Africa

14.    Mexico

15.    black

16.    thank

17.    correct

​18.    question

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